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Founded in 1973, the Pennsylvania Labor History Society (PLHS) focuses on documenting and commemorating the history of workingwomen and workingmen and their labor struggles in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PLHS members are volunteers, including steelworkers, coal miners, postal workers, schoolteachers, social workers, factory operators, office workers, textile workers, hotel and motel workers, and students, all of whom share a love of labor history.

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Blood Mud

The Pittsburgh Novel

Blood Mud

A Novel by K. C. Constantine [pseudonym of Carl Constantine Kosak] (1934— ).

New York: The Mysterious Press of Warner Books, 1999. 375 pages.
Blood Mud is the 15th case in the largest and best-known series of Western Pennsylvania police procedurals: the Mario Balzic Detective Novels (aka the Rocksburg Mysteries). Over 30 years, 17 titles were published...Read More »

John Hoerr

As a journalist and novelist, John Hoerr has written mainly about labor, industry, and politics in contemporary history. His best-known book, And the Wolf Finally Came: the Decline of the American Steel Industry (1988), is the definitive account of labor-management struggles preceding the near-extinction of American steel as well...Read More »

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School of Labor and Employment Relations

Slide show commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State University (2002)

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